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Welcome to Games and Guns New Blog

“Let The Games Begin!”


Why are we here? First, let’s take a moment to explain the reason for which we will be writing on this website. We are an entire family of gamers. Everyone in this house enjoys playing some form of video or PC games. I mean if we take an inventory of our current location there are two XBOX 360s, a PS3, a Wii, an original XBOX (which still works), and one functioning PS2 with a backup broken one for spare parts. Our gaming taste is as different as our personalities and I think we cover the whole spectrum of titles and styles. We are the gaming “Brady Bunch” so to speak, we are not paid consultants nor do we receive anything free from the gaming industry to test. We work normal jobs, with the same hectic everyday schedules that include the never-ending list of “Honey-Do’s” and “children requirements”. So we understand that if you have kids and you like to game, there is little time to relax. We have six kids altogether that frequently calls this place “home”, three from my wife’s previous marriage and my three from my previous marriage. But enough about that, we are here to discuss the topic at hand.

What is this? Well it is our intent to inform you about video games that we play or have played and attempt to give you some ideas on whether or not it’s worth the 60 plus dollar purchase price. Are we gaming experts? Yes and No.  No one here is a computer gaming tech and none of us have been employed by Sony or Microsoft, but we have bought enough of their products to know what we like and what we don’t like. Like I said before all of us play video games and we would like to share our passion of “gaming” with you and if these blogs seem at all interesting then please let us know.

So what about the gun part? Well besides playing video games I like to go out and shoot at the firing range. Nothing too fancy just go and send some rounds down range. So my wife has allowed me (I said allowed honey….no harm intended) to add the gun piece to this blog site. Will this be an ongoing issue? I am not sure, I may discuss some stories or experiences at the range from time to time and if I can purchase a new weapon then I will let the audience know. If you have a weapon you would like to discuss or show off then that is also an option.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, it should get pretty interesting. We ask for feedback as well. You play games as much as we do and we would certainly like to hear about games that were really good or just bypass at all costs. As the old and over used phrases goes, “let the games begin.”