Just a short note about “Justin” (the guy you are talking too).

Native born “Floridian”, yes I know that in itself is amazing. Wounded-Warrior. Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veteran 2-tours. Retired Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) from the US Army but I also served in the US Marine Corps before that (Semper Fi’ to all the devil dogs out there).

Being a dad and a gamer has some advantages. I have noticed that besides throwing the football or kicking the soccer ball with the kids, I also get some quality time when we play some games together. Depending on the game or the entire game concept the kids really enjoy having their goof-ball dad knowing as much about the newest games as they do. I enjoy a well cooked steak, a decent glass of scotch/bourbon/whiskey, a day off to sleep in, and time to relax with my wonderful wife and children.

About Susan, Justin’s other half:

A Southern Girl, born and raised in South Carolina.  She now runs a real estate business that keeps her on the go. 

The thing that seems to unite our family is playing a variety of games.  I mean a variety…everything from a common boardgame to video games.  Since we are a big combined family, there is always at least one of us playing some sort of game.  I usually play more computer games, due to the fact that the T.V.’s were all being used to play video games.

What Justin’s playing: NCAA Football 2011, Just Cause 2, Saints Row 2 and other FPS games

What Susan’s playing: Guild Wars, Rift, The Sims, Final Fantasy and other RPG MMO typs games

What We’re watching: True Blood, Game of Thrones, Rescue Me, Covert Affairs


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