Exploring Rift – A MMORPG

It took me about 6 months to decide to try the newest MMORPG of Rift.  Just so you know, I am a huge fan Guild Wars and love these types of MMORPG’s.  At the time Rift was released I was playing Aion with a core group of friends from our guild, Cold Black Eyes, in Guild Wars.  I wasn’t “in love” with Aion, but it gave me the chance to get some gaming in with my friends.

It was after a couple of my Aion legion buddies started  playing Rift (and telling me how much fun they were having) that I decided to give Rift a try.  Rift has a 4 class system of Warrior, Cleric, Mage & Rogue with specialty cores inside of the class.  So if you choose the Rogue class, you get to  choose between 8 specialties, or souls as they call them in Rift.  The one great thing about the game is that you can change these specialities after reaching level 13, which means you are not stuck playing the entire game as a Ranger.  You can change things up as needed to progress in the game.

My main toon or character I am currently leveling in the game is a Cleric.  I always like to have the ability to have some form of self-healing capabilities without having to rely on potions constantly.  My cleric’s main soul is Justicar, which I choose for the self-healing aspects paired with melee damage.  I then paired Shaman and Sentinel with my Justicar main build so I could have some damage from the distance and extra healing to get me out of a pinch.  So far I have reached level 35 using this build strategy without too much difficulty.

Rift is definitely easier to level your character than Aion; however, Aion’s graphics are better.  In my opinion, what good are pretty graphics if you are struggling to advance in the game.   Compared to Guild Wars, Rift is a true MMORPG so you get to play and interact with other players online any where.  Guild Wars only had the capabilities to interact with a group of more than 8 players in only the towns and outposts.  This is what makes Rift a little more fun.

You catch me in-game on the Greenscale Shard mostly on my cleric, Susananna.  Maybe next week I’ll start to pvp a little more.



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